Mission Statement

Congregation Tifereth Israel is a pluralistic Jewish congregation, embracing a strong belief in "Judaism without Borders." We are egalitarian and all inclusive, respecting individuals of all backgrounds - regardless of levels of observance, orientation and family structure.

We welcome those who have found God, those who are searching for God, and those who just aren't sure. We are committed to supporting everyone on their Jewish journey, no matter where they find themselves - whether they are well on their way or have just begun. Honoring our ancient traditions, we strive to make them compelling and relevant to our vibrant, contemporary Jewish community.

Our stimulating and inspiring programs and services are designed to meet the current and future spiritual, educational and cultural needs of our congregation and the surrounding community.

CTI is dedicated to enriching lives through spirited prayer, learning and the performance of mitzvot [good deeds]. Through the joy of Jewish living, we celebrate together and support one another in times of need.

Through guided tours and ongoing programs, we are committed to supporting the State of Israel and to transmitting Jewish values and traditions to future generations.