Meet Our Officers

our officers

Co-President Phyllis Spector has been involved with CTI since 1976, serving as President since 2013. Prior to assuming her current role, she happily served as Education Vice President, Executive Vice President and President of the Sisterhood. A teacher for more than 30 years, Mrs. Spector studied Hebrew and Judaic studies at Young Israel and Herzliah Hebrew Teachers Institute in Manhattan. She holds a Bachelor's Degree from Brooklyn College and a Master's Degree from Queens College and has taught at CTI's Hebrew school and other Long Island synagogues. She feels especially grateful to have been in a position to be able to oversee the synagogue's recent comprehensive and successful renovations. Under her leadership, CTI has made significant progress in transforming itself into a vibrant part of our pluralistic quilt.

Co-President, Phyllis Abrams, was elected to the position in 2017. Prior to assuming her current role, she served as CTI’s VP for Communications. Phyllis graduated from Brooklyn College with a degree in Cultural Anthropology and continued graduate studies in Southeast Asian Anthropology on a Fellowship from New York University. Subsequently, she was an Anthropology Instructor at Adelphi University. From 1968-1976, she lived in Hong Kong with her two daughters and husband, Arnie, who was a foreign correspondent covering the Vietnam War. While in Hong Kong, she served as a business and healthcare writer. After returning home, she spent nearly 30 years as a healthcare public affairs specialist at several Long Island hospitals until retiring in 2015. Travel in Asia has been one of her main interests; today her passions center on her four grandchildren. Phyllis feels humbled and grateful to be able to serve as Co-President of CTI, which has had a profound impact on her life. 

Executive Vice President, Karen Pardo

Treasurer, Bill Friedlieb

Recording Secretary, Susan Cornell

Financial Vice President, Steve Farber

Legal Vice President, Steve Wexler

Education Vice Presidents, Chad Altman

Adult Education & Programming Vice President, Iris Galfunt

Ritual Vice President, Cathi Turow

Membership Vice President, Karen Pardo

Operations Vice President, Gail Imhauser

Fund Raising Vice Presidents, Joan Essex, Susan Goldberg, Tina Hament

Social Action Vice President, Leslie Dwyer

Auxiliary Commitees Vice President, Lillian Meckler

Trustees: Jay Berliner, Moe Bordwin, Paul Canarick, Phil Essex, Mark Glowatz, Betsy Schreiber, Chris Swirnoff, Bruce Waller

Immediate Past President, Michael Swirnoff